What is Drayage?

by | May 26, 2022 | Drayage Transportation

What Is Drayage?

Merchandising companies and CDL commercial drivers need to have a solid understanding of drayage. It is a process that involves the transportation of goods over long and short distance and includes the trucking of cargo from one port to the next or to a railyard. Drayage is an integral part of intermodal shipping. It typically relies on a single shift trucker who covers one metropolitan area. Hence, quick delivery of goods is ensured.

Why Drayage?

Although there are plenty of large ports across the country in places like Miami, Houston, Oakland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and Seattle, drayage plays a huge role in the economy. In fact, it helps deal with inefficiencies and congestion that such ports are commonly associated with. Drayage Houston helps provide residents of the state with everything they need.

What Is Involved In The Intermodal Industry?

When it comes to the intermodal industry, it involves the transportation of large-sized goods in steel-based containers. Generally, two or more modes of transport are used in intermodal transportation. It has become essential in modern times and involves the use of trucks, ships, and rail. The intermodal industry helps increase the safety of goods and ensures faster delivery. It is the preferred choice for transportation across the sea. The Dallas transportation industry depends on intermodal transport as it is far more convenient than other options. The process begins with an empty truck that is loaded with goods.

Why Is Intermodal Such A Better Form Of Transportation?

If you are considering Dallas Intermodal Houston, you need to know what makes intermodal a better form of transportation. The following reasons will make you realize why it is the backbone of the logistics and trade industry.

  • Rapid Service: A major reason behind the extensive use of intermodal transport is that it reduces the delivery time significantly. This means that businesses can rely on it for transporting goods quickly over a long distance. Besides, the use of containers ensures the efficient transfer of goods.
  • Lower Costs: Another reason why intermodal is considered to be the better form of transportation is that it offers shippers lower prices as well as low handling costs. In addition to this, the prices tend to be predictable which allows companies to stick to their budget and determine costs beforehand.
  • Increased Capacity: Since most industries already rely on intermodal transfer, it allows companies to achieve economies of scale and better capacity.
  • Safety: A great thing about intermodal transportation is that it involves the use of containers that provide greater safety. You would not encounter any handling issues. The fact is that the containers would act as a warehouse and ensure that the goods do not get damaged.


After you have gone over the post, you will know everything there is to know about drayage along with intermodal transportation. It is crucial that you take advantage of intermodal transportation to reap the many benefits it has to offer. You can give it a try to find out more about what it has to offer.